Monday, February 12, 2007

Oops, I'm Blabbing Again

Oops. I didn't think I'd actually win when I played around on Ebay earlier today. I decided to play with some of the numbers on a pretty decent looking car just to see where they (the seller) placed the reserve price. So I typed in $1000. Then bam, I was the highest bidder and had met the reserve price. I've never won an auction so easily before. Seriously, every time I go on Ebay to bid on something, someone at the last minute out bids me. It's very rare that I actually win something I really didn't mean to. But oh well, I still think its a pretty good deal regardless. I'll have to let you know once I actually see it in person.

Next, my damn hormones must be raging this month. My boobs are seriously sore. C'mon Doc cant you see how much more harm than good abstinence is doing for me?! My ticker just needs a good workout, or... well since I work for a private company, maybe I could hire a medic to be on standby. Ya know... just in case, LOL! ***sigh***

A girl can dream cant she. Speaking of dreaming. I've had a few more of mention. One was of another co-worker whom I think quite fondly of, we were both on the road transporting a psych patient when all of a sudden the Dr decided to admit me. Thankfully not for psych reasons but instead for cardiac complications. Which has me thinking. Will I be able to live a normal life after all of this? If the ablation procedure goes well, if should rid me of my current problem, but that doesn't ensure that another (second circuit) wouldn't occur in the future. I may not admit it right now, but I'm pretty damn worried. Not for me, but mostly for the kids. If something were to happen to me, they'd likely have to return to their father in FL. I don't wanna compare my shit to Ana Nicole, but it makes me think and worry even more.

If I were to die, they'd likely be forced to leave their family here in NY and live with their father and his trailer park trash girlfriend. Seriously, my mom's no Carol Brady and I couldn't expect her to care for both my sick dad and the girls. Don't get me wrong she loves the girls, but she'd undoubtedly have problems giving up lifetime and Budweiser for bowling leagues and swimming practice.

Ok, I'm gonna shut up now and get my ass in the shower and ready for bed. My sugar daddy will be her bright and early in the morning to take me to work. Later's!!!

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