Sunday, February 04, 2007


I feel so violated... They made me switch to the new blogger! I hope this doesn't make it any more difficult. Hey maybe I'll actually take some time to spruce things up on my layout. Very unlikely, but hey, I'm a dreamer.

Anyways, today my friend is a rather special day for us good ole Americans. See today is Superbowl Sunday. The showdown between the two top performing teams of the National Football league, oh and the day we get to watch some deliciously large men dressed in very tight (usually white) pants, with the camera's positioned just right for all of us sexually crazed ladies as myself. Now don't go jumping down my throat and all, If you've been a faithful reader, you'd see I get sidetracked rather easily. K?!

So moving right along, the Superbowl is as much a tradition in my house as... well, almost as much as Thanksgiving. Except I usually get to spend the evening with my daddy watching the game rather than hours in the kitchen. Of course daddy really has no idea what my real interest in watching the game is, but we always get a good laugh at the awesome commercials that are displayed. Some father daughter bonding time. Half time used to be rather enjoyable too, until a few years ago when Justin and Janet gave the world a good show. Since the nipple incident, they've been rather careful. I wonder what this years show will be like?! My giants aren't in the game this year, so I really don't care who wins. I'm just in it for the show!

Hope you enjoy it too!
'nuff said!

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