Friday, February 02, 2007

FOAD Take 2

Yes I know its Friday, I don't care. I'm not done with the bitching. So lets move along, shall we?

Today was the day was to have my Catheter Ablation procedure to locate and zap the damn malfunction in my heart. However in today's world, hospitals are business' that need to ensure payment before they can authorize a doctor to perform a procedure that cost tens of thousands of dollars. So My next FOAD goes out to those special people at my HIP HMO insurance company.

My PCP had to squeeze in an appointment for me to get authorization from him for the procedure, but then the insurance company changed the game plan on me. Now, hospital A treated me, but cannot perform the actual procedure within their hospital because their cath lab is closed for renovations. So hospital A, has decided to send me to their sister hospital, we'll call hospital B. Now since the procedure will be done at a different hospital, a different hospital provider Id number must be authorized and billed. In order for hospital B to receive payment, a new prior approval must be issued from my insurance company. To do this, we must waste more of my time and everyone else's time, by making me physically see said Dr first. Even though he's already been involved in my care at hospital A, he is now represented and paid by hospital B, who wants to in turn get paid too. So my biggest FOAD goes to the lovely people at HIP insurance co. who put patient care last. They don't consider the risk of sudden heart failure an emergency... Hey does that mean they want me to FOAD?

Ok, next I wanna take some time to bitch s'more about crack head. I no longer need to worry about squeezing in time on weekends for some adult companionship. See Crack Head has just taken a second job. I know the reason behind it, but I don't give a damn about the future. I care about today. When I need someone to hold me and make me feel better about all the shit I'm going through today, you wont be there. When I need someone to make me laugh and forget about all the pain, your once again... not there. So why should I stick around? I'm not!

Ok I just deleted a good 20 minutes of writing from what would've been the next paragraph... because well, I'm not ready to admit somethings to myself. Maybe another time. I'm gonna go slip into something a bit more comfortable, make some awesome hot cocoa and cuddle up on my sofa with a nice non-G-rated movie.
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