Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Finally...I'm Worth Saving

Ok, it's finally been figured out. I'm scheduled for my EP study & ablation procedure for next friday. I've also got an excuse to get out of jury duty too, hopefully It'll work otherwise I'll be in big trouble.

Well I still don't have a car. I haven't decided if I wanna bother putting another transmission in my current one, or reward myself with a new car after going through all the BS that I have lately. We'll see. Its probably best that I don't drive right now anyway. My doctors want me in bed all day waiting like a good patient should for my damn HMO to decide I'm worth saving. So much for that idea. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm not doing anything strenuous or anything, I'm just not laying in bed all day watching Maury and Jerry Springer. Seriously, I sit on my ass all day at work anyway, and if I begin to feel sick, I do whatever I need to calm down. Hey... worse case scenario, I'm in an office filled with some damn good EMT's and Medics. I'm probably better off at work than at home, so there :-P

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