Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Chuck E Please

On our ride home from Chuck E Cheese with the girls, Ang and I had a conversation that I keep pondering. She mentioned how she'd never date another hispanic man because they all cheat. K, I don't know of one whom hasn't, but still wont give into my latin passion. Then later she mentioned that she's starting to come to the realization that all men cheat. Some get caught while other's don't. Some relationships end while others overcome or even support the swingers lifestyle.

Then I began asking myself, If I would've accepted this lifestyle, where would I be today? Would I still be in my 1/2 acre ranch home in Florida? Would I still be with one of the other otherwise decent guys that just couldn't stay faithful? Where exactly would I be and would I be happy? Sure having wild and passionate sex with a stranger sounds appealing, but call me old fashioned I'd rather it stay between the man I chose to spend my life with rather than someone else with some other communicable disease that I'd be bringing home to my family.

To be honest though, I really doubt now that I'd let something like a one time affair end a relationship with someone I really loved. Sure I'd be heart broken if I were on the receiving end, but if there was enough invested in the relationship, wouldn't it be worth saving?

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