Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lil' Angels

Ask me what I love most about my job and I'll tell you saving lives. What I dislike the most however is watching helplessly as some lose their battle. Sometimes no matter how hard I pound on someone's chest or breath air into their lungs, there's just no fighting God's will.

Nothing touches my heart more than watching a child being taken from their parents. While some lose their battles with illnesses, others are mere victims of fate. I've never told anyone this before but my kids and I used to gather at a local sporting club on weekends to swim, but since Watchdog's tragedy we've neither gone to the pool nor the beach. Now I of all people should realize that we cant predict or prevent tragedy, but how do we deal when a child is stricken with something like cancer?

On Saturday my neighbor, little Samantha lost her battle with cancer. When most of her graduating kindergarten class were celebrating with parties and such, she was burying her mother whom lost her battle with a lifelong illness. The "miracle child" her grandma called her, stayed strong despite it all and strived through elementary school. Suddenly one day she was struck with a rather complicated illness which was later diagnosed as leukemia. Still as she endured daily chemo treatments she greeted me every morning with a smile as she left in her ambulette. As the days turned into months, she progressively worsened and could no longer walk. The only wheels she'd ever have under her feet again were that of her child sized wheel chair.

While most of my experience only allows me the chance to spend and hour or so at the most with these little angels, the impact they leave on the lives of those around them lasts a lifetime. I wont take another moment for granted. Tonight hug the ones you love a little tighter and hold them a little closer... for you may not have another opportunity.

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