Saturday, November 22, 2008

Duty to Act

So I get a phone call yesterday, but since I didn't recognize the number I sent it to voicemail. I checked the message only to discover it was the Brooklyn DA's office seeking help with a case I may have been a witness to. I returned the call only to discover my good deed on Valentines Day was coming back to haunt me.

I was stuck working with Smiley days after our nasty break up. Immediately after pulling out of the garage we were flagged down by 2 males for an apparent MVA across the street. Did I wanna check it out? No. I just wanted my damn coffee and any reason not to talk to him. We had to check it out though, not doing so would put our license in jeopardy. Now however, our responsibility and duty to act has me all stressed out. Dude was drunk, he misjudged himself on a turn and hit a friggen light post. He wasn't injured and since EMS was already on scene, it took PD longer than usual to respond. The guy wasn't injured and didn't want to go to the hospital. So with permission from the officers, we RMA'd him and released him in their custody.

8 months later, the District Attorney's office is trying to gather enough evidence to convict this repeat offender of DUI. Which brings Smiley and Myself in. We'll have to appear in court to testify on the patients mental status and scene sizeup. Grreeat!

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Anonymous said...

I remeber that incident..u need a friggen raise for the BS u go through.