Friday, May 16, 2008

Im not the Only One

Ever hear a song that strikes a chord for you? See Marc Anthony is my absolute favorite singer. He's full of everything a good singer should be, emotion. For that and so many other reasons, Nick reminds me of him.

So when I finished the last part of my exam last night and left work, with no where to go but home, I spent some time alone in my car. I actually do that quite often. A few friends that were aware of my having the night off offered to take me out, to which I turned down. I just wanted to sit and think, to lay and listen to music that puts a hand on my heart.

My car is full of Marc Anthony Cd's thanks to Jes. I took the first one I could reach and popped it in the stereo, the first few songs were familiar but for some reason invoked a different emotion. Thanks to Izabell, I've began to put things into a different prospective, seeing things through his eyes.

And I heard this...

I love him so much. So much...that I have to help him.

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