Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ok its pretty safe to assume that you'll be hearing alot from me in the next few hours or days. As the walls come crashing down and it feels like I'm losing control of everything in my life, all I can do is relay my emotions.

Today marks the one month anniversary since my fathers death. As if that wasnt enough to put me in an emotional uproar, I've been struggling with some other smaller issues too, but until this morning I was managing. Now however with Nick asking for space and ending what we had I've just given up. Fuck it!

I'll admit, I'm really messed up right now...

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Anonymous said...

Time & Space seems to be the manly mantra this month. Im sorry, Im going tru the same shit,its too much to even think about right now so I try not to. Shopping helps : ) You'll get past this. Love U