Thursday, May 08, 2008

Lo Hicimos

Saving the world ain't easy. In fact every three years I must endure continued medical education classes and testing, most commonly known as refresher class, in order to keep my license to save the world. While many see this occasion as a time to cry and whine about failing a particular scenario, I enjoy the pain. Well... ok maybe not. But thanks to some pep talk from friends and stress relief on the roof landing, I went in to last nights skills station ready to take on anything they threw my way.

First scenario was a car accident, after immobilizing the c-spine and strapping him into my nifty device I was on my way to the next scenario... a cardiac arrest. Pushed hard, pushed fast... and yes even involved heavy breathing :P
(U pervs! Thats exactly how its stated in the protocol though!)
Ended my night with a young girl who couldn't take the blow of a quarterback tackling her and ended up with a closed head injury and a gross swollen deformity of the mid thigh, AKA femur fracture.

All in all it was a relatively cool night, thanks to the support of my peeps and daddy watching over me I'll be able to continue doing what I do best for another three years. We did it. Love you guys!!!

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