Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Memories

The packages are all opened. The toys all put together. Other than needing to recruit someone to put Gabbys bike together, Christmas is done in the Flores/Carmona household.

I crashed really early last night since I wasn't feeling well, luckily mom stayed up to play Santa for me. The girls certainly had no problem waking early, though they struggle on school days. With coffee in hand, we began unloading the gifts from under the tree. In the end seeing the joy on their face's and being able to spend another Christmas with the ones I love was worth all the trouble of making it happen. Sure not having Dad this holiday was though, probably tougher than any other holiday thus far, but yesterday I accidentally stumbled upon his collection of home movies. Seeing him again and hearing us interacting with one another was a little overwhelming. Its just... all still so surreal.

Sometimes I hope this is just another bad dream. That I'll wake up and he'll be calling me to ask me to get him a drink. Or that he'll be just a phone call away when I'm lost and cant find my way. Merry Christmas Dad thanks for the many cherished memories you left behind.

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