Monday, December 15, 2008

Giant Love for You

If your a regular reader and remember back to last year, you remember how much I enjoyed catching a Giants game with Dad. No matter how hectic the week was, I always ended it with a nice dinner and game with Dad on Sundays. Even bigger than the Superbowl in our house, was the game where they played my brothers favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys. Our house would split in two as Dad and I watched my Mom and Marks team succumb to ours.

It may surprise you to know that I haven't watched a single game this year. If it weren't for Nicks telling me he was busy watching the game, I wouldn't have known they were even playing. I was at work and couldn't tune in, but when I checked online and discovered that OUR game was being played, I was overcome with grief. There are so many things that I haven't done, so much I've avoided, so many people and things I once enjoyed are been neglecting... and it's not getting any easier.

Immediately after leaving work and taking the kids to school, I got in my car and drove the 70miles to see Dad. I never imagined the pain would still be so strong, but it is. The holiday season has been especially difficult. Making the transition from shopping for the perfect present for him to now shopping for a holiday decoration for his gravesite, isn't something I'd wish on anyone.

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