Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Letter

In June I mentioned that I'd applied to a particularly difficult program at a local college. Last week I was browsing online classifieds and opportunities in the south, when mom called to tell me I got a letter from the school. I remember from my days in high school, to ask if it were a large envelope or a small one. The larger ones usually confirmed your acceptance and included additional needed documents, while the smaller envelopes contained a letter thanking you for applying and regretting to inform you that you were not selected.

Well Mom answered that the letter was a small one. I knew what it meant, It meant I could consider the move now without that detail to consider. When I got home a few days later though I was going through the mail and noticed there were quite a few letters from the college. I opened one, and sure enough I was accepted. In fact because I already have many of the pre-requisites needed, they've agreed to allow me to enter the program mid- year.

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