Thursday, December 13, 2007

Always Good

First off let me say, I'm feeling like shit. I seriously hope no one has to rely on me to save their life tonight. I'm too sore and extremely exhausted!

Your probably wondering how the party went. Was it the event of the year? Not exactly. Remember this is my life, so here's how it went... due to emergency repairs and a gas main break I had no hot water to bathe with and had to shave with hot water boiled from the stove. After more than two hours prepping and stumbling to my car in my stiletto heel's, I was finally ready to roll. Within an hour or so of my arrival I was already feeling pretty good and ready to party.

To make a long story short, I drank, I danced and drank some more. The party was really nothing more than a night out with the gang. Nothing magical of mention.

The after party with Nick however... was what made my night special. I finally got the story behind the drunk dialing incident and got to spend some well overdue time with him. Being with Nick and rockin' with Chris Brown and the Backstreet boys till dawn... C'mon who else could I do that with?! But seriously, I may not remember a whole lot about my evening, but I'll always remember the way I felt in his arms and the promises that were made.

... me, I'm always good! And after reminiscing, could go for a nice serving of beef w broccoli!

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Ang said...

You know how to walk in Stilettos??? Teach me..I have no Im glad you had a good time, now you have me wanting chinese food too.