Monday, December 24, 2007

Dear Santa

Thanks for all the wonderful memories I have of you as a child. As an adult now, I'm not asking for a beautiful doll or a super fast race car... Nothing that your elves would be able to make themselves. Instead I'd like you to gather the support of all your other magical friends and spread some joy this holiday season.

It's no secret that this has been the toughest year thus far for me. In an instant, everything I've done and all I've lived for made no difference as my life lay in the hands of strangers. Nonetheless I've made it through. I will never again take this life for granted. I will live, love and laugh often.

What I ask of you tonight is that you please send some of the same magic to the ones I love. Send the power to overcome their battles. For Nick, I wish for him happiness. After so many years of sacrifice, he deserves to be happy too... even if it means no more sharing beef w broccoli. For Smiley, I ask that you help him realize that some things are beyond our control. Help him learn to accept them and not let them overpower every decision he makes. Take chances, even if it means we may fall on our face. For 'Nena to realize that marriage is a union of two souls... yes including your bank accounts!
For GI JOE, I want the biggest bubble custom made to keep him safe in Iraq, being equipped with AIM and Myspace would be a much appreciated feature too. As a matter of fact, lets make that a double order, one for the Moore's too. Keep their families safe until Daddy returns!

I could go on and on with this list, but I know you have some work to do, so lets just agree to keep the lines of communication open between us, k?! Merry Christmas and have a safe trip spreading your love and joy to children around the world!

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