Monday, December 31, 2007


Ever have a dream that stayed in your thoughts all day? Last night I had a rather awkward one that's caused some confusion on my part. It started out with me in an ER. I don't believe I was there initially as a patient, I believe I was there bringing one in, but soon there after I became one. I seemed a bit short of breath and was experiencing palpitations. The doctor convinced me to have an EKG performed which revealed I was in SVT with a heart rate of 233. Soon I was undressed and being prepped for a dose of adenosine. The drugs successfully reset my rate to a normal rhythm.

Afterwards I remember having to call home and being upset about having to tell Gabby that mommy wouldnt be coming home tonight, a ritual that time after time brought tears to my eyes. Distraught and upset I returned to my hospital bed. It was there that the most surprising thing of all happened. I was consoled by a good friend who's loved me all along, I was just too damn blind to see it. I knew him to be a good friend although I didn't see his face in the dream... only a mustard yellow colored wrinkled shirt that dried my tears. It felt so good to be in his arms, but who was it?

I've got an idea. I'll try-out hugs with every friend I have (like prince charming and his glass slipper in search for cinderella) until I find my true love.

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