Monday, December 03, 2007

Drunk Dialing

It's 6:45 am and I'm suddenly awoken by my ringing cell phone. I was reluctant to answer, besides not recognizing the telephone number I told myself that if the person on the other end really knew me, they'd know I should be sleeping. So... I let it go to voicemail.

10 minutes later the annoying dinger alerts me to let me know I have a new message. Here's how it went:

Nick: Hey Lisa its Nick. Whats up?
Guy #1: No Answer?
Nick: I'm returning your call. Yo, I'm here at my boys house and uh, we're inviting you over to like chill and stuff. It's uhh (speech slurring)
Guy #1: (in background shouting) 6:45.
Nick: Yeah it's 6:45. Call me when you get this message ok? So we can uhh chill and hang out at my boys house, k?

...Here's when it really gets interesting:

Nick thinks he ended the call, little did he know... Its still recording.

(in the back)

Nick: Yo man this shits really getting to me.
Guy#2: Yeah ya think?!
Nick: What the F*ck did you put in my drink?
Guy#1: Yo anyone got one for Al?
Nick: Yo I'm gonna try my chick Lisa. I'm gonna try my chick. I'm tired of you being the F*cking super hero!
Guy#1: I can get in my car and go to the airport.
Nick: No I'm gonna try Lisa. Here call her back. (hands guy #1 phone)
Guy#1: Yo she's on the phone.
Nick: What? (takes phone back). Lisa, Lisa are you there? (to guy#1) She's not there.
Guy#1: She must've called back.
Nick: Call her I dont give a F*ck.

Uhh.. did he tell someone I was his chick?! Aww

Of course I never called back. Who knows what the hell was going through their heads. I really would've liked to have taken advantage of him and seen what he was offering. There's nothing better than hot sloppy drunken sex :P
I didn't though, I just wanted to know he made it home safe after all that.

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Ang said...

LMAO WTF??? Maybe he needed a ride to the airport thats why he said Im tired of you being the f**ing superhero to the other guy?? I dunno if its just about scoring..he said "MY chick"..thyats a good sign if a guy is drunk and he is calling u his chick..: P