Saturday, December 08, 2007


What is it about love that makes you act like a total dork?

I'll admit, I'm the biggest dork of em all. From spilled glasses of wine, to tripping on the dance floor. From awkward quiet moments to awesome high fives, I'm the reigning Queen of Dorkville. I'll even be the first to make fun.

Last night my partner and I stayed in the office hung Christmas lights around the office and watched movies. One the them being Good Luck Chuck . It was pretty hilarious to see a character much like myself and being able to laugh about it. Good Luck Chuck fed my need for a romantic tale and his need for a comedy. Then I began to wonder, why cant I have that too?!

In Good Luck Chuck, Charlie is viewed as a good luck charm. The guy who gets all the girls but can never honestly say he'd fallen in love with them. One girl however changed all of that. He suddenly finds himself an honorary member of the dorks in love tribe. I wont kill the movie for you, but I will say... I'm totally feeling my dork meter raising!

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