Sunday, July 20, 2008

Beautiful Story

I've been doing alot of thinking lately. Probably too much, but that's just how I am. Anyway, in 22 days I'll be saying goodbye to Nick. He'll be going back home for a few months with the possibility of accepting a permanent position in Atlanta. I'm not so sure how I feel about that though. Actually I know for sure how I feel about that. I know I'm not very good at saying goodbye, especially when I don't wanna say it.

It's hard to remember what life was like before the day a stranger left a note on my car. Before I looked for GA license plates when parking every morning. Before I found someone who gets my wacky personality... before I learned to love again.

Looking back now, its a beautiful story filled with lots of emails that brings tears to my eyes. But I cant help but wonder, could this be the final chapter? Will this goodbye be our final?

If you need a hug, I've got plenty of them in
storage... and If you need some beef w broccoli, theres plenty more where that came from too! So smile and appreciate the good moments... before we know it the kids will be all grown up into the responsible adults we've expected them to be and we'll be the two old people still trying to get it on in the stairs at the senior center!

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Anonymous said...

Aww girl, I wanna cry for you. I know how much he means to that something he wrote? That's so sweet. I think it's not goodbye @ all...just a setback for now. I don't remember anyone else ever pulling @ your heartstrings the way Nick does and I wish the best.