Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Exciting Night with the Lesb

Tonight I'm gonna go where I swore I'd never go. I'm going to work in Westchester tonight with Deb the Lesb. When I starting working in dispatch 2 years ago I was warned about Deb and her nasty attitude. The other guys in dispatch seriously had issues with her and often sought disciplinary action against her. When I came in however, many things soon began to change. Deb soon thereafter named me "gentle voice" and would do everything asked of her. She'd even surprise me often making the drive to Brooklyn to deliver me coffee, my crack. Not very long after that when she learned I was single, she asked me out. Of course I declined. I'm strictly dickly Deb, sorry.
Two years later, she's finally stepped it down. Only every so often will she offer to "wine me and dine me like a woman deserves".

Anyway Deb's regular partner recently resigned and no one else is willing to work with her. So they asked me. I'm actually excited though. See Deb's part of our pediatric response team. There's a few awesome hospitals in the area that consider patient care their #1 priority and will even go as far as transferring them to a specialized hospital rather than use them as their own learning experience. In my opinion, being able to admit that another doctor may be able to better treat your child's illness shows a great deal of humanism.

So, while I may have to put up with being hit on all night, which is nothing new, I'll have the opportunity to really learn something tonight...to be challenged, and that excites me!

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