Wednesday, August 06, 2008

If this is being Good, I dont wanna see Bad

Ironically just when I decided to follow Nick's advice and take better care of myself, things get messed up at work. With the other dispatchers either out on medical or vacation, I'm stuck helping pick up the slack. What exactly does that entitle me to? It means this week. just like last, I'll be working 72 hours.

Yesterday was my only day off and although I tried to turn Mom down nicely, I still got stuck driving her 3 hours away to NJ again, and another long dangerous 3 hours back. Usually when I get sleepy on road trips I "bug-out" to music on the I-Pod. Last night though, nothing seemed to be working. I just had too much on my mind and every song provoked an emotion. I pulled over, took a power nap and keep going till we crashed at the new house. The girls were excited to do that at the least.

Today we woke up and got to working right away, fixing up the girls room and the living room. In the end we did quite well... if you don't count Gabby, Mark and I getting food poisoning.

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