Friday, August 29, 2008


The mini vacation went very well. I found out Sunday afternoon that my new schedule were to take affect immediately, which meant that this last week of summer I'd have 4 consecutive days off. With alot on my mind I decided a getaway was long over due.

We kicked off the getaway by stopping briefly at the cemetery to say hi to Dad. 4 months later and my wound still bleeds. This time in particular though, witnessing another burial in progress and seeing another family mourning their loved one renewed my pain as I wept for most of the hours that followed. I just don't get it, of all the family members I'm the toughest. I'm the one that others can consistently reply upon for helping keep you strong, but hiding inside is a little girl who still calls our to her Dad and misses him very much.

Soon after the cemetery, we did the typical girly thing and visited the outlets in Riverhead. Only problem is, I'm not like most chicks. I really don't like shopping and crowded malls so we didn't hang around there very long before leaving and getting lost finding out hotel. Eventually we found it though and settled down for the night.

The following morning we began our ride farther east. As east as you can get. Montauk Point is the very tip of Long Island and on it rest a beautiful lighthouse with a breath taking view. I've wanted to take Nick there after learning he likes the rocky shore too, so obviously he was on my mind as I hiked along the shore. Afterwards I took mom for a tour of the wineries in the Hamptons and then back to the hotel to enjoy some goofing around in the pool with the kids.

Have I mentioned how much joy I get from the profession I work in?! Well while at the pool I got to Ooooh and Ahhh the crowd as I pulled a disabled boy that accidental found himself in the deep end, or rather under it. My day wouldn't be complete without making a difference in someones life, today it just meant it would be more dramatic as the kids got to see first hand what their mommy does for a living. Ok back to the room for movies and pizza.

The following morning we woke up bright and early and headed out to the water park. The pain of walking up all them flights to reach the top of the lighthouse was present as we climbed the many stories of steps to get on the cool rides but the pain and burn was all worth it in the end.

All in all I really did enjoy myself, as did the kids and mom. It was nice to escape for a bit and end the summer off on a good note.

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