Thursday, August 21, 2008

Keep the Cool

I'd like to imagine that I'm a pretty cool person. Probably one of the best friends you'll ever have. But please don't take my friendly gesture for more than it really is. If I invite you into the crazy life I lead and to come along on a few outings, it doesn't mean I'm interested in being with you romantically. Truth is, I don't like being alone.

After the fall of my relationship with smiley, I chose to change partners. Like shoes, I tried on a few until I found someone that I'd feel comfortable spending my long nights with. First there was Ingrid, whom was fun at first but chasing down the scum guys got old quick. Then there were a few that just didn't know what they heck they were doing causing me to fear for my patients and even my own safety. Finally I tried on Jes' for size. How cool is a partner that watches porn while saving lives? I thought for sure we'd get along well.

Jes' is a 50 something yr old gentleman that is happily married and has kids my age. I didn't feel that he could possibly cause any kind of strain on my relationship (or whatever It was) with Nick. Jes' soon showed up everywhere though, seriously... everywhere! He started calling me all the time showing up with tennis raquet in hand, just always trying to get me to spend time off the clock with him. Fearing any unnecessary complications, I dropped him as a partner. We're still cool, but just don't want him to get the wrong idea.

Then I get this pic this morning....

Dude got a tattoo to match mine! Says he's always loved angels and is just happy to have one in his life. I felt the same once too, but now... I wish my angel were here to protect me from this crazed psycho. I know Nick will never read this, but I hope he knows just how much I miss my Angel.

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