Sunday, August 24, 2008

Take a picture, it'll last longer

This morning I came home after a really rough night at work ready to jump into the bed. Only problem was it was already being occupied by Gabby, which usually isn't a problem. The hundreds of pictures spread out around her however were. Grandma bought Gabby a locket and she was eager to put a family picture in it.

As I gathered the pictures and took a trip down memory lane I too looked for something she'd like. There were plenty of pictures of her and Arriana, but very few of me and even fewer of her Dad. Sadly enough Gabby doesn't remember much about her Dad, she once found a picture of a him in uniform and swore that it wasn't him, not remembering that he was in the military. She was too young to remember those days though. If I remember correctly, most children don't have memories before the age of 2 unless they experienced some traumatic situation. Seeing the pictures again hopefully brings some peace to her.

I really wish things didn't end the way they did. Looking at my wedding pictures, I never would've imagined it could've ended the way we did. I should've known though. The warning signs were there all along. I guess I just held onto the hope that he'd change for the sake of keeping the family together.

... I was wrong. Sometimes we need to learn that people are who they want to be, not what anyone else expects them to be.

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