Saturday, September 13, 2008

Crumbling Foil

12 years ago I was in my senior year of High School eagerly anticipating graduation and going to Texas A & M in Galveston, TX to major in Marine Biology. Ever since my first trip to the NY Aquarium in kindergarten, I've dreamed of one day becoming a marine biologist, saving dolphins and other marine mammals from extinction. However amongst other things I learned as a child, I also learned to read. As a child, especially a little girl, were influenced by stories and fairy tales that make us want what Cinderella had, a prince charming.

When I became pregnant with Arriana in my senior year, I realized that I wanted the fairytale more than a career at sea and opted to get married. My prince charming however, turned out to be an ass in tinfoil.

Anyway, I mention this today because I've been thinking alot lately about myself and my happiness. I've been struggling to do whats right for my kids, but not really giving myself a fair share. Galveston, TX was just hit with a major hurricane and so has my life. I'm tired of riding out the storm, I wanna dance in the rain (amongst other things).

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