Friday, September 19, 2008

Lights & Sirens

If you care enough to keep in contact with me, you probably already know I'm in a bad mood. I've got alot going on right now and am not really good at solving problems at an instant. What I am good at though is my work.

Yesterday I was so uncomfortable that I seriously contemplated calling out, instead I worked through the pain and jumped on board. Right out of the base I was given a code one emergency for a hypotensive crisis. Great... all I imagined the entire way was the risks associated with me being involved in a high speed crash. Ironically my Dr just finished discussing the risks of my job and how I could bleed to death if I were in a major traumatic incident. Still, it didn't stop me from swerving in between cars with my lights and sirens blaring, rushing to save the day. In fact I did it a few more times yesterday as well. I did however end the day on a rather funny note. Nothing hotter than a redheaded EMT with her ass hanging out right?!

... I split my pants on my last call. LOL

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