Thursday, September 04, 2008


Today I had the opportunity to help kick off the 2008 NFL season by playing a part in the medical staff. When the opportunity arose, I declined. When shopping at the local sports store the other day, it hit me. The Giants and Jets jerseys hanging on the racks reminded me that football season was quickly approaching. What It also reminded me, was that I wouldn't be watching the games with my favorite buddy this year... Dad.

We'd taunt and tease all season long with him keeping his loyalty to the Jets while my Giants kick ass. Comparing stats and sharing good eats. This season however I think I'll skip the games all together, watching from a far. I realize that distracting myself isn't the best way to deal with the pain, but it works for now.

FYI: Dad, my Giants started the season off by kicking ass :-P
Love you Daddy!

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