Thursday, August 10, 2006

FOAD Thursday

Last minutes FOAD to the Ex-husband...

I just informed him that we will not be going to FL like I had casually mentioned a few weeks ago. Funny how he could remember me telling him that, but cant remember to call his kids and say hello at least once or twice a month, or even better remember to send presents for birthdays and holidays.
See the fuck face owes them several thousand dollars in over due child support. Had he been helping with the financial aspect of raising the kids, I would've been able to make it happen this summer. But since he hasn't, I had to call off the plans. I could've worked my ass off and come up with the money, but then again, I shouldn't be the only person working at making this happen.
So just for you Richie....FOAD so we could atleast get survivor benefits!

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