Monday, August 21, 2006

Take A Hint

After two weeks of being sent to my voicemail, this guy still doesn't get the hint that I don't want to talk to him anymore. Ok maybe I'm a chicken for not being able to tell him upfront, but I just cant tell him I'm gone. I've always chosen to sabotage the relationship and have the guys decide to leave when I wanted out, Its just easier that way. I wouldn't have to fess up to my emotions and don't have to feel like shit for breaking someone's heart.

Two weeks ago I decided that there was something about Eddie (new name's gonna be Stalker) that just wasn't clicking. He only calls when he's at work down the street. The convenient pit stop for the occasion fill-up was nice, it wasn't great but then when we were done, he'd go home and I wouldn't hear from him again until he was at work. I've got a pretty good sense that he's going home to a wife or someone else. And my suspicions almost always prove to be true.

But back to the subject, for two damn weeks now I've been sending his 5 calls a day to voicemail. With the exception of early Saturday morning when I answered without first looking at my caller-id. But even then, I told him that I was sleeping and to call back later. Come on now. Maybe I should get a male friend to answer my phone one day and tell him to stop calling me, damn it!

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