Sunday, August 20, 2006

I did It, and It Feels Soooo GOOD!

Well, I did it. I gathered up the courage to get a tattoo. I decided to go with something small so I could 'get the feel of it' before getting the one I really want. Here's a pic of what I got.

Sorry about the crappy quality. I took the pic with my camera phone. The Tat's nice and decent sized though, wrapping around my wrist.
I felt like a rebel when I came home and had to face my parents though. Mom says I'm crazy and it was a waste of money. Dad says I should've gotten the words stupid tattooed across my forehead. Ahh... making the parents mad, just like the good ole days, LOL.
The only gripe I have about the whole idea is not being able to submerge in the bath or swim for a few weeks. I could deal with the pain, I could deal with the arguing with my parents and staying out of the sun, but not being able to swim for a few weeks.. this will be tough. I didn't even stay out when I had any of my many broken bones with the water soluble casts. I could so see myself swimming with my arm in a plastic bag again, LOL.

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