Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Simplified Beauty

Ever stop to really notice how beautiful life is? Seriously. Living in the city we have just about everything we could ever need within a 5 mile radius. Need a hospital? In NYC we've got plenty. Have a taste for some exotic cuisine? Yep we've got all of them too! What you don't find here very often though, is nature and it's simplified beauty. Spending these past few days driving to and from Rockland County has certainly fed my fascination of nature. The leaves turning with the season, the deer hoping not to be disturbed, the mountains and the way the clouds braze the very top of them... who could ask for anything more beautiful that the sun's rays reflecting over the hudson river?! I could! I would ask for a home out there to enjoy it all on a regular basis. Seriously, I've built rapport with the staff of Rockland County Sheriffs office and have been certified with their 911 operators, damn I've even got certification from the National Crime Information Center. I'm fairly confident I could get decent employment if I ever wanted to...

Gives me yet another thing to think about. Besides, with all signs of the fall of my current company, it may be wise to start thinking outside the box.

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