Thursday, October 11, 2007

Look Out Below

Sometimes I wonder If I should toughen up some more. Lets face it with my occupation, I've learned to suck things up and keep moving. But why with relationships do I like to keep things civil after the breakup? This is certainly not as much of a problem for me as it is for some of the guys I've dated. Seriously guys If we're no longer together it was either because you were either unfaithful, non trustworthy or just plain old disrespectful, with the exception of the captain, where we just mutually agreed to end it for more difficult reasons. So tell me why? Why do I get text messages and myspace comments from your ass 6 months later telling me that you miss me and think of me often? Why do you invite me to come over knowing that I'll say no just like every other time? Why cant you just understand that I have no intentions of being with you again and need to move on?!
Seriously, It's driving me to the point where I'll explode and it wont be pretty. I don't wanna be nice and lead them to believe there's hope, when in a reality I really wouldn't mind if they dropped off the face of the earth!

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