Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Your Fired

I started bitching and blogging about how upset I am with him right now, but then was interrupted by a phone call from Bipolar. Apparently our company decided to "eliminate" his position as my supervisor. I must say he had to have seen if coming though. Seriously, we've watched in awe as nearly half of the supervisors and managers were handed their walking papers in recent months. When the advertisement for Dispatch Supervisor was posted, I immediately knew better than to apply. They're famous for hiring people to help fix things and like the greedy people they are, will drop your ass as soon as they feel they can take control. So what was the incentive for Bipolar to accept the position? A measly $1! Yup you've got it, one whole dollar and three times the work.

I could say I told him so. Seeing as I warned him prior, but he's my friend and I kinda feel for him.

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