Sunday, October 14, 2007

Road Rage

So I get a letter in the mail today from the Dept of Motor vehicles advising me that I failed to respond to a ticket issued to me for what they label as improper use of a cell phone while driving. WTF?! I was issued a ticket in July for allegedly talking on my phone while driving. I didn't feel I should've been ticketed in the first place, however I have total respect for authority so I took the ticket rather than starting a riot, and did what I was instructed to do. I mailed the ticket in with my not guilty plea and requested a court date. So why three months later do I get a letter in the mail telling me that my drivers license will be suspended by the end of the month unless I either pay or appear in person to request a hearing? Asswipes... I did what I was supposed to do! So needless to say I'll be spending an entire day in the DMV office sometime this week.

Speaking of driving. I'll be taking a bit of a road trip with Nick this week. Last month when he went back to Atlanta he took his car with him wanting to return and accept a transfer back home. Being back home full time however began to once again cause some tension so he'll be coming back to NY. He's asked me to help him make the drive back, so he'll be flying me out there and we'll drive back together...eventually. I must say I'm quite excited I love long road trips and it'll give us the opportunity to catch up on lost times. We've got lots of catching up to do which is why he says he couldn't think of anyone else he'd rather be stuck with... aww I feel so loved :P

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