Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cant Help you Fix Yourself, But atleast I can say I tried

I'm in a bitching mood so either sit back and read or walk away now.

I know you've become accustomed to the pleasant smile I put on 24/7, but today I'm gonna show you another side. There's been alot bothering me lately and I don't give a shit who reads this, I'm gonna let it all blow up. First on the FOAD list is the ever famous ex- husband. Despite what he may think, child support orders are not created as a means of disciplining bad parents. They are created to force your MF ass to actively participate in the financial burdens of raising the kids you've helped create. I never once called your ass to complain about not having money, instead I went and made it. Hello, dumb ass?! You don't get a job by sitting on your ass all day watching porn. Don't ask me to feel sorry for you now, when you didn't care when we were without a home. Oh and not calling your kids cause you feel bad about not being able to send them something on their birthday, Is a viscous cycle that'll bite you in the ass buddy.

Sigh... OK, next!

WTF is wrong with guys? I don't answer my phone when you call nor do I return your phone calls. Doesn't that tell you I'm not interested in speaking with your dumb ass?! Please stop calling and sending txt messages before I send my people on ya!

After sitting and re-reading that last line I've decided to stop calling Smiley. I've gotta follow my own advice. We're likely to be stuck together in the future with him being my partner and all but I'm not gonna be chasing you down to make sure your not huddled over in the corner crying somewhere anymore. I can help with your emotional needs, but your physical ones have to be addressed by one of the docs I've pointed you towards. I cant help you fix yourself, but atleast I can say I tried. Once again, sitting on the computer watching porn will not make your problems disappear. Gheez guys c'mon.

Then there's the ever popular myspace drama. I don't want your man, I leave him comments because were friends, and friends say hello to each other every once in a while. If your questioning his heart, ask him not me.

Then of course there's the ever popular work drama. I'm seriously considering getting out of EMS. Not because of the physical or emotional stress, but because of all the Extra Marital Sex. It's sickening! Seriously, I think I'm gonna recommend to our employee health nurse that in addition to our annual drug testing, they add an STD screening. **Ugh**

OK, I'm grossed out now but feel better having released all that tension. If you've read this far into it thanks, I owe you a bitching session.

Peace, Love & all that other Good Shit!

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