Sunday, January 20, 2008

Worse than a Dude

WTF is up with some lesbians? Seriously, some can be worse than dudes! Deb for instance is a Medic from my company I've known for over two years. That's about how long she's been trying to pursue me. Mind you, Deb's in her late 40's, has gray hair and is far from attractive.

To date, I am the only dispatcher that has not sent her home for her rude and obnoxious behavior, instead I found a way to communicate with her and convince her to get the job done. Maybe it's just a gift I have, but I seem to get along pretty well with just about anyone. Deb however still holds on to hopes of being able to "Wine & Dine me" and "treat me the way a woman should be treated".

Umm sorry Deb... it's strictly dickly for me!

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