Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chicken Noodle Soup

I was brushing my teeth this morning. Sounds like something normal right?! Of course it is, but every morning I think about how I do it. Am I squeezing from the middle of the tube? Would I be driving Him insane? Little things like that in a relationship can either make it or break it. Either way, the feeling of trying to make or keep someone happy is a much missed feeling. Then I begin to yell at myself. I think way too much about people who dont reciprocate.

I've got one guy that seemingly only calls me when he's at work, one who makes weekly appearances and another that'll call for an ambulance just to hear from me at times. I can honestly say I love the people in my life. I once read an article about the people we choose to hold close to our hearts. Each person meets a need we have at any given moment.

I love many... though, am not in love.

On a day like today, when I'm feeling yucky and could use a hug and maybe some chicken noodle soup. Who do I call?

When I cant fall asleep at night because all I can think about is having to tell that poor kids mom that her only child may not make it through. Who do I call?

When I'm excited cause I got accepted to nursing school again. Who do I call?

Who can I go to for all those little things that add up to alot? In all honesty, I'm surrounded by lots of people who love me, but I wanna be in love. I want someone to cuddle with on the couch, someone to offer a hug when I'm carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders, some one to be the one for me, the whole package. I want it all!

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