Friday, January 25, 2008

When Your Mad

Apparently I'm cute when I'm mad?!

Thursday night after a heated email I came to work prepared to spend the entire night arguing with Smiley. I even imagined myself leaving him alone in the front cabin and me sleeping in the back just to avoid him. I asked the dispatcher to allow me to work in a spot close to home in case it got really heated and I wanted to walk away. Of course It would've put our bus out of service and I probably would've lost my job, but I was still preparing myself for the worst.

So I arrive and there he is at the counter getting the keys for our ambulance with a huge smile, like nothings wrong! I give him a rather awkward hello and walked away. I left to go upstairs and ask the dispatcher for the previous mentioned arrangement. Then I return to our bus only to find he's still friggin smiling! He compliments me and my hair as I coldly reply "thanks". Keep on trucking... O2 tanks checked, equipment checked, KED and short board (yeah as If I plan on pulling some drunk MF out of a car tonight anyway?!) nontheless they're here anyway...check. I continued inventory as he was gloating in his own thoughts. He asked if I wanted a newspaper or any magazines (WTF?!), "uh no thanks". Then were both ready and we handed our inventory sheet to the supv for approval.
K, were ready to save the day.

"Do you wanna talk now?" he asks.

"Yeah I guess so", I replied as he once again...smiles. By now I'm totally pissed and he's seriously getting off on this shit!

He starts explaining and justifying his actions lately, and it wasn't long before the tears starting rolling down his cheeks. After it all, I was feeling much better knowing the truth, but had to ask why he was amused by my anger? He replies "Your so damn cute when your mad".


Now I got this damn song in my head:

Smiley's no Nick though. He shows his age with his taste in music, he cant rock like we can. He probably wouldn't have any idea who Ne-Yo was... and Nick wouldn't piss me off just to see my cute mad face, would he?!

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Ang said...

Wow..that sounds exactly like my ex..he's avoid me magazines..and shit and tell me Im cute when Im mad. WOW..its the same game diff player,.