Monday, February 25, 2008

Go On

You know what I need?! I need a song!

I just finished reading the book Ang sent me about seeing things from a guys point of view. Apparently all the signs were there and I was just to blind to see. But whatever, I'll never let Smiley take my friendship for granted again. One thing has me seriously thinking though. The one thing I wanted last week, I couldn't have without flying. The one who seemingly has impeccable timing, is still MIA. Which brings me into another chapter of the book.

Why after waiting two weeks for a phone call, we don't just tell ourselves to throw in the towel. The author goes on to say that If a guy were really interested in you, especially if he were out of town, he'd made it a point to keep in contact with you because he wouldn't want you to stray away. So... as the book is titled, He's just not that into you!

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's not that simple! A book can do many things. It cannot tell you what's going through a man's mind or his heart! It's just not that simple.