Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Music Mends a Broken Heart

Considering the popularity, its pretty safe to say the music is known to help mend a broken heart. Most songs we listen to are either celebrating a love or getting over losing one. I personally use music for several occasions. Music invokes feelings I for whatever reason wanna feel at any given moment.

There are several other ways people deal with their pain though. For instance, according to the Kübler-Ross model there are five discrete stages by which people deal with grief and tragedy. The model was introduced by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in her book "On Death and Dying". The stages have become well-known as the "Five Stages of Grief", depicting the stages that usually follow being diagnosed with a terminal disease. Tonight however I've decided to use this model and see where I stand. I know its normal to be withdrawn and depressed for a bit. I also know that I have some really wonderful friends who come here from time to time to check on me. Hopefully I don't scare them away by turning away from them for a bit while I recover. Just know that every little thing your doing is appreciated. I love you guys!

Now, according to the Kübler-Ross model I'm doing fairly well. Here's how he groups the stages:

  1. Denial: The initial stage: "It can't be happening."
  2. Anger: "Why me? It's not fair."
  3. Bargaining: "Just let me live to see my children graduate."
  4. Depression: "I'm so sad, why bother with anything?"
  5. Acceptance: "It's going to be OK."
Last night I was in the anger stage as I heard for myself the truth. She called him right in front of me and I heard for myself the one man I trusted not to disappoint me, do just that. I guess a man doesn't need a functioning penis to still act like one! High Five Ang!!!
Ahh.. that felt good!

Back to me now. I'm all that matters right now. I don't want anymore excuses. You've had many chances to make up for all the wrongs. So to smiley and his little blue pills...Goodbye!

So... where do I stand? Lets see, I'm over the anger and denial, never bothered bargaining. No reason to bargain with someone that'll break my heart again. Depression, yeah thats about right. I don't wanna laugh right now. I don't wanna go out and get over him, I just wanna sit here and listen to my music. The next step however may prove to be a struggle. What do I learn to accept? That he's an ass, or that all men are asses?!

K, I'm back to my music now. Thanks for checking in on me!

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