Sunday, February 10, 2008

I'm an ass!

I'm such an ass! Friday night, taking Gabby to the ER, the thought of taking my meds was far from my mind until someone jokingly reminded me last night. Of course by then I'd realized that I've missed not only fridays meds but now saturdays as well.

So... here I am on whats now day three without taking my meds, and all I can feel is anger towards myself. I'm gonna have to cancel my appointment with the hematologist that I've waited 6 weeks to get, just because they'd have to admit me for being obviously well below therapeutic levels... Cant hide blood from vampires!

Tonight's my friday, with the rest of the week off I dont intend on spending three more lonely days in the hospital waiting for the coumadin levels to go up again. I think I need to find someone reliable to send me daily reminders or something before I do some serious harm.

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