Thursday, February 28, 2008


Last night I got a call from a Nursing home for an elderly person with a fever. Upon my arrival I could hear the sound of death rattling in that 75 yr old womans chest from the moment I stepped off the elevator. My partner and I just looked at each other and gave out that all professional "oh shit". We knew there was very little that could be done at this point and if she were to have any chance of survival we would need to start breathing for her immediately. But apparently this was something the family had prepared for, with them deciding against resuscitating should her heart stop or she'd suddenly stop breathing.

Sometimes were faced with personal battles and no matter how hard it may seem, it's our own to fight. Though many may offer assistance, sometimes we just need to fight them on our own. For me, watching someone I care for very much struggling with life and making decisions has never come easy. He may think that I dont really understand, but the truth is probably do too.

My patient last night didnt survive, but that was a choice that was long pondered by family after their loved one could no longer decide for herself. I cant make the decision for him, but could offer him support no matter. Why?! I guess because he's one of my loved ones now too.

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