Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Change is Due

I'm starting to worry about myself. I've been in this "mood" for a few weeks. Looking at it from the outside, I don't think its anything to be alarmed about. Sure I've been depressed for more than two weeks, and been a bit withdrawn from things I'd normally associate myself with, but still don't see any alarms going off suggesting I seek help. For the most part the everyday people that I associate with don't see my pain. I still smile and offer my assistance, even goof around with a few. But for the most part right now I'm working on taking care of myself.

Having to see Smiley just about everyday whether at work or in class now is certainly proving tough, but I'm doing it. I've even got a few guys that are trying very hard to work their way into my life, but I just cant do it. As corny and retarded as it may sound, I'm just not emotionally available right now. Nick's probably the only other person who would understand that, but he's part of the equation too.

Anyway, with the warm weather comes change. As the flowers bloom and the coats shed from our backs, I too hope these feeling will be removed.

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Anonymous said...

I hope things get better...I get that way too. You're not alone,whenever you wanna talk Im there.