Saturday, March 15, 2008

Crumbled Letters

I just don't get it sometimes. Why do the little things people do make such a big impact on me? For instance, something as simple as a text message or a quick 30 second phone call from Nick brightens up my day, while the same from someone I'm less than pleased with has the exact opposite effect. I was called an Angel tonight by someone who just 3 weeks ago fucked things up for us. Smiley mis-used my trust and caused me a great deal of grief. However he's still my co-worker, classmate and for whatever reason someone I still care to know is doing well.

Now why is something as simple as an email calling me an angel upsetting me? Because below the brief statement he posted a video of a song he said he wanted me to hear. If you know me, you know how deeply I listen to the words. I wanna invoke the feelings of the artist or perhaps even my own. Anyway the song is about having hope and not giving up.

Sorry to say it Smiley... but I already have!

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Rosamunde said...

Good for people to know.