Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Doctors Orders

After running out of meds 4 days ago, I finally hauled my ass over to the doctor today. Considering the length of time and the fact that I feel fine, we're suspecting my Pulmonary Embolism may have finally dissolved. We'll wait a few more months before sending me to glow in the dark again just in case.

I really like my new doc, not only is he really cool but is totally family oriented as well. His wife is his Nurse and runs his practice from the first floor of his house. He's always there if I need him, no matter the time. He gives that small town feel in the heart of Brooklyn.

Anyway, today we somehow got into the conversation of my personal life. He asked about my having a boyfriend. If it were any other man, I'd say yes. It's just so much easier that way since I'm not looking right now. But I cant lie to the Doc, so I said no. I didn't have one. I cant imagine what it had to do with a blood clot in my lungs.... Oh wait we were talking about my going back to the gym. Ok, I was asking about cardio and stuff, maybe he wanted to let me know sex was ok too. So back on topic, Doc's final suggestion; I get a man.

Umm...Can you write a prescription for that?

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Anonymous said...

Who is this doctor???? I want him! I just found a really nice lady doctor too, she did a full assesstment and all.