Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Random Ramblings

While I didn't exactly have the relaxing day I was hoping for, at the very least it ended well. I came home from work with the hopes of getting the kids off to school and climbing into bed. Instead both the girls were sick, so needless to say, I spent the day at the docs with them. I was finally able to sneak in a nap just before getting their meds from the pharmacy. I hate going to that place, I tell ya, Its not safe for me to go anywhere without being approached by some jerk.

Anyways last night I had class, got there just to discover that I tested out of last nights particular lesson. Actually I did quite well and only need to go to a few classes to keep my license to save the world. One lesson however interferes with my vacation plans next month. I'll have to plan something out, otherwise I'll play sick and make it up. Speaking of playing sick. Saturday I have a very special visitor coming. Joe will be in town for Grannies 90th birthday. He'll only be here for an overnight trip, so I agreed to play hookie and give him a tour of the city.

While were on the topic of being back in town... Nick's back. Well, kinda sorta. His car is, but who knows if I'll get to see him?! I'd really like to, but I know there's so many others that do too. I've just learned to stop stressing over it, if he finds the time then good, if not... oh well. I feel like such a dork when it comes to him. I think about him way more than I'd like to admit. There's so much I wanna say about that...

Maybe since I just learned that I'll be working tonight while under the influence of Nyquil, I'll be willing to spill it all out.

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