Monday, July 31, 2006

265 Where are You?

I did somethings last night that I haven't done in a very long time. I went out on the road with my buddy. Why the supervisors felt secure about sending two nut jobs out on an ambulance together to save the day, is beyond me :) Sunday morning after working all night together, we casually mentioned how we should go out on the road together. I really missed being out there. Call me crazy but the manual labor that comes with the job is far more rewarding than sitting on my ass all day in the office. I just hoped no one had any plans to go into cardiac arrest last night, being that given our history together we'd be sound asleep.

I also got to do something else I haven't done before... I drove the beast! See technically I shouldn't have, considering I'm not yet qualified. However she was more worried about crashing and parking that thing than getting in trouble for letting me drive. All together it was a very good night. What made the night most memorable was the pit stop we made in between calls, but I'll spare the details of that for the day I decide to blog about my personal drama.

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