Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th...

I was gonna be lazy and just leave that quick pretty picture wishing you a happy 4th. However thanks to a great post from WD I've been inspired to leave a bit more. See on the 4th of July many Americans gather together with friends and loved ones, often BBQ'ing and drinking. When the sun goes down the skies are filled with firework displays. However for the most loyal of us Americans, their skies are filled with the bright flash of mortars flying over head.

Tonight just like every night for the past few months, they'll defend our freedom.

They'll kneel down and say a prayer before going to formation at 5am. They'll dodge enemy fire and bombs in defense of our great nation. Some may not agree with the cause, but don't question why... They're just following orders.

I know all too well what its like to have them not come home the same way they left. But in my case they did at the very least come home, some didn't even get that...

So tonight when you watch that great light show in the sky... Take a moment to see those flashes in their eyes.

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