Friday, July 28, 2006

Go Me, Go Me!

Apparently kicking my ass at the gym is paying off. Today I went to get the tires replaced on my car from the incident the other night. The guy at the shop actually caught me off guard and beat me at my own game. He initiated the flirts and in the end I got a great deal in exchange for giving up my telephone number. He seems to be a pretty nice guy, and sorta balances out what Ray lacks... the courage to try to kiss me. Of course I didn't let him touch these sensual lips of mine. I don't share them with just any hot Latin car mechanic... No matter how tempting.

Then after finally escaping the yard, I was on a high. I decided to go shopping briefly down the street. Where I was approached by yet another guy. This time however I brushed him off. I already have enough drama to add another person to avoid on my caller id.

So... What I don't understand is why the sudden attention? Ok maybe because I don't get out alone very often, but I couldn't help but feel the least bit attractive today. I was wearing my sweat pants and a t-shirt, with flip flops, hair in a pony tail with no make up what so ever. How could anyone possibly find me attractive like that? Maybe I should show him what I look like when I shower!

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