Friday, July 07, 2006

Out with the Old, In with the New

I was driving home today from BigDawg's house and chatting with my mom about my love life. See it seems she liked BigDawg. Well she seems to like most of the guys I bring home so her opinion really doesn't hold much power. However she mentioned how much she thinks my kids liked BigDawg too. I know that they did, I wanted them to. But when our relationship turned from just friends to him wanting more... well that's when I lost it and things went from bad to worse. Maybe after the conversation that I had with him today, we could possibly patch things up between us and still hang out every so often.

Ok now on to some great news. There's this guy that I've had my eyes on for a while. He's had my heart in his hands for a while but we never took it anywhere because he was in a relationship. What I like most about him, is the fact that he was honest from the beginning. He told me that he was in a relationship and although it was in the early stages, he still felt he needed to tell me before I got the wrong idea. Wow.. A guy with a conscience and morals? Does it get any better? YES!!! He's cute, funny, is surprisingly good with kids and now SINGLE. Oh yeah, I had to jump on this one. Here's a good guy that I cannot let slip away. So after some really hot talk last night and again tonight, we've decided to give the real thing a try this weekend. Cant wait to blog about this one....